Congratulations to the Iorwerth Arms public house in Bryngwran for recently being named ‘Britain’s Best Rural Pub’ at the Countryside Alliance Awards. The pub was awarded the 'Champions’ prize in a prestigious ceremony in London in June - only five years after the Iorwerth Arms faced indefinite closure and almost demolished to make way for houses. The judges were pleased with how the community had saved the pub from closure and developed it as a social hub for local services. The pub was originally put up for sale in 2014, and villagers secured a £ 125,000 loan from the Wales Council for Voluntary Action to set up the project. The pub is run by a community initiative ‘Bryngwran Cymuned’. The initiative was originally set up to meet social needs and generate revenue to support itself at the same time. The building has now been developed into a centre that can offer everything - from baptisms to funerals, afternoon teas, health sessions etc. The pub has a music room for piano lessons and a newly refurbished kitchen to offer local food. Congratulations to the Chair, Neville Evans, other dedicated officers and dedicated volunteers for developing the community in a sustainable way - which requires the ability to adapt to change and need.